Introducing a simple tool that handles everything for you
Sell your car privately without any work. Verify your buyer, get paid, and skip the DMV with a safe & easy digital checkout tool.
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Enter your car’s VIN, mileage, and pickup zip code to get started. Entering a buyer’s email address is optional.
You only have to enter basic car information like year, make, & model. Your seller will handle the VIN & other details.
Shortcut your sale
When you use Caramel, you’ll get a custom link that lets any buyer make you an offer on your car. You can share this link with anyone and post it anywhere. That means it won’t be long until the offers are rolling in.
No buyer needed
If you have a buyer in mind, you can enter their email address. If you don’t, just leave it blank.
It's flexible
Your buyer can initiate an offer to you on Caramel too. If so, you’ll still be able to edit your vehicle details before viewing and responding to their offer.
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Enter an asking price for your car. Buyers will then be able to accept, counter, or decline.
If a buyer won your car in an auction at an agreed-upon price, toggle this button on. This prevents your buyer from making a counteroffer.
Hassle-free negotiation
Caramel’s offer tool enables sellers to reach an agreed-upon price from the comfort of home without the confrontation or worries of traditional phone, email, or in-person negotiation.
No waiting
With Caramel, there’s no waiting around for weeks for a buyer’s response. Offers are sent instantly and last for 7 days or until accepted or countered.
Post your link anywhere
Your custom Caramel link can be added to any listing you post to sell your car. Buyers love it too because it gives them a simple and comfortable way to make an offer.
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To verify your identity, just upload a photo of your Driver's License or State ID and take a selfie with the camera on your smartphone or computer.
Everyone’s verified
To complete a transaction using Caramel, every seller must have their identity verified. This ensures the safety of our entire community.
Authenticate in a flash
Verifying your identity is as easy as snapping a few photos. It takes the average seller less than 2 minutes to complete.
Unlock Caramel Reports
After your identity is verified, you’ll receive custom reports that tell you all about your car. These reports include detailed vehicle history and vehicle specifications when available.
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Enter your preferred down payment (as low as $0). We’ll match it or get as close as possible to the number you enter.
Your loan estimator will let you view your estimated monthly payment, amount financed, and APR.
No title, no problem
We automatically detect whether your car has a loan or lease and find your payoff amount. If so, you'll simply confirm this amount and move on.
Upload is a snap
If you don’t have a loan or lease on your vehicle, uploading your title is as easy as snapping a photo of the front & back.
VIN, mileage, & done
Regardless of your title status, you’ll upload photos of your car’s VIN & odometer.
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The vehicle price is the price you agreed on with your buyer. If you have a loan or lease, we’ll verify your payoff or buyout and pay you the correct amount.
Your DMV fees & taxes are paid directly to the state and never marked up. Your document fee covers Caramel's costs to complete the transaction and is currently waived.
This is the amount that you’ll be paid.
No surprises
Before you link your bank account to pay, you will review your detailed price breakdown.
100% secure
We partner with Plaid to let you securely connect your bank account in seconds. The process is encrypted end-to-end.
Always editable
Just because you selected or skipped an add-on during checkout doesn’t mean your stuck with your choice. You can easily add, remove, or edit your selections when you review your Price Breakdown.
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Signing your documents allows Caramel to complete your sale and transfer the title to the buyer. You will be emailed a copy of your signed documents and able to access them anytime in your Dashboard.
When you’re ready to sign, just click or tap the View & Sign button. You can digitally sign all required documents.
No pens or paper
You’ll sign all of your required documents digitally. No printing required.
No research needed
We’ll make sure you sign every document required by law or the DMV in your area.
View contracts any time
Access your signed documents any time in Caramel. We’ll hold onto all the forms you sign so you can reference them anytime.
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You will be guided through a walkaround of your car and instructed to take 13 photos.
If you choose to do a self-inspection, all you need is your car and a smartphone.
Since doing an inspection is completely optional, you can click or tap Skip Inspection.
Completing our all digital self-inspection is as simple as snapping 13 photos.
Less last minute cancels
Completing an inspection helps ensure buyers know exactly what they’re getting and reduces the risk of questions or cancellations at pick-up.
There’s no pressure
Inspection is 100% optional. If you decide you don’t want to perform a digital inspection, you can skip this step entirely.
Set an asking price for your car. You'll get a custom link you can give to any buyer to start their purchase in a click. Or add your link to any of your listings.