Sell Your Car: Dos and Don'ts
By: Joyce Morse 12/30/2022

If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle to upgrade to a newer model, you may wonder how you can sell it fast for the best offer. If your question is, “How can I find a buyer to sell my car?” the following tips may help.

What Should I Do to Sell My Car?

There are many things you can do to help your car sell quicker and for a better price, like improving its condition and learning how to market it to buyers. Start by listing it now, while used cars are in high demand. Buyers are willing to pay more, which means you could get a better price than if you wait until summer or later.

Do take some time to make your vehicle look its best. You’ll get a better offer on a car that’s been detailed and had a recent oil change than if you skip over those things. Make sure the tires have the correct pressure and fluids are at the proper levels. These tasks will help your vehicle run better and let buyers know the vehicle has been cared for.

Do make sure you have the documents you need to sell your vehicle. You’ll need your title, but it’s also a good idea to show any potential buyer your service records if you have kept up with the recommended maintenance. Buyers are often willing to pay more for a vehicle that has been well-maintained.

Do replace tires and brakes if needed. While this can cost a few hundred dollars, you will make it up in the increased sales price. Buyers don’t want to start fixing things as soon as they put out the money to buy a vehicle. This includes burned-out headlights and taillights as well as any scratches and dents in the body of the vehicle.

Do include photos of your vehicle in any ads you place. Buyers want to know what the vehicle looks like before they schedule a test drive.

What Not To Do To Sell My Car

Don't prevent your car from selling for the top price or finding the right buyer by lying about the car or pricing it incorrectly. Steer clear of these “don’ts,” and you’ll have a better chance of getting a good price for your used car.

Don’t overprice your vehicle. Just because used cars are selling fast right now, it doesn’t mean you can take advantage of the situation with an unfair price. You can use Kelley Blue Book to determine a fair price for your vehicle based on its current condition.

Don’t hide facts about your vehicle. Buyers will want to know why you’re selling the car and what’s wrong with it. Be honest and let them know the true condition of the vehicle. It’s often best to state this information in the ad where you list the car for sale to avoid wasting your time and that of buyers who aren’t looking for a fixer-upper.

Don’t go by yourself on a test drive with a buyer or let them take your car. Ask a friend or family member to come along for safety. The buyer will probably bring someone with them as well. Make sure they are insured before they drive your car.

To sell your car faster and at a better price with a safe and secure transaction, follow another big tip. Do work with a reputable online marketplace like Carwiser. With Carwiser, you gain a vast online presence to sell your car and get multiple offers to choose from. You also work with an agent who will review those offers and provide you with those that meet your minimum requirements. Once you choose the offer, we pick up your vehicle and pay you without any worries about passing on your private information to a stranger.

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